It’s hard to check every box on a potential employer’s wish list. If you’ve found a job you’re really interested in, don’t become discouraged if your skills and experience fall a bit short of the ideal candidate for the position.

Generally speaking, a job description serves as the framework for finding the right hire. Most employers don’t expect you to meet every single requirement, so use it as a guideline to present yourself as the top contender.

5 Ways to Prove You’re the Best Person for the Job

Highlight Your Cultural Fit

Skills can be learned, but personality traits are much harder to change. Prior to the interview, conduct research to find out as much as possible about the company culture. Use this knowledge to explain how your personal standards and behaviors align with that of the organization.

Explain How You’ll Add Value

In addition to demonstrating your cultural fit, performing plenty of research before the interview will show you’re serious about the job. Your findings should allow you to gain an in-depth knowledge of obstacles the company is facing now or will in the near future. Prove your value by explaining what you can do to help combat these issues.

Show Enthusiasm

Passionate employees work harder and produce a higher-quality output, because they truly care. The most qualified person for the job might have the skills, but they won’t get very far without a fire in their eyes. Display an eagerness for the job in the interview by arriving early, exhibiting positive body language, asking weighty questions and inquiring about the next steps.

Be Eager to Learn

Exaggerating the truth to wrongly position yourself as the ideal candidate will catch up with you. Instead, acknowledge the skills and experience you lack, and share a plan to get up to speed. The interviewer will be impressed with your initiative and willingness to put in the extra time and effort.

Share Your Long-Term Plans

Hiring new employees requires a vast amount of resources, so managers want candidates who plan to stick around for awhile. Make it clear you envision the company as part of your future by positioning it as a place you see yourself for a very long time. For example, when asked where you see yourself in five years, craft a response where you’re still a loyal member of the team.

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