Nurses work around-the-clock at hospitals, but you’ve never held the night shift. However, you’re thinking about changing that.

Working non-traditional hours is certainly not without challenges, but it can also be a great opportunity. The night shift is a largely different experience than working days —  both personally and professionally — which could be exactly what you need.

Here’s a look at what you have to gain by making the switch to the twilight shift.

4 Reasons to Consider Working Nights

Enjoy a Slower Pace

Generally speaking, hospitals are much quieter overnight. Visitor hours are over and patients are asleep for much of the night shift, making for a much quieter experience. This gives you the chance to catch up on tasks the daytime nurses didn’t have time to complete and get things organized for the morning. If you’re looking for less hustle and bustle, this is shift for you.

Spend More Meaningful Time With Patients

Patients will likely be asleep for much your shift, but not the entire time. Since you probably won’t be busy rushing from one room to the next, you’ll be able to spend more time with each person. This will allow you get to know them better and provide a higher level of care. Knowing you were able to give your all to each patient will feel great, making your job more rewarding.

Gain a Greater Work-Life Balance

Working the day shift can make it challenging to balance competing priorities. Night hours can allow more flexibility, so you can achieve a greater sense of balance. For example, if you have young kids, you’ll likely be home in time to get them ready for school in the morning. You can sleep all day, and when they’re done with school, you’ll be home to greet them.

Create Deeper Bonds With Your Fellow Nurses

There’s something special about working all night alongside your nursing peers. Quieter shifts give you more opportunities to talk and get to know one another. On busier nights, you grow to rely on one another for help, as there will likely be less staff onboard than during the day. This will help you create a stronger sense of team, which will allow you to work better and enjoy each shift even more.

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