You’ve been searching for a new job for awhile now, but you’re not getting very far. On paper, you feel like you’re doing everything right, but clearly, something isn’t working. 

Whether you’re currently unemployed or just really unhappy at your current job, you’re eager to figure out what you’re doing wrong, so you can make positive changes.

Here’s a look at five common job search mistakes that could explain your lack of offer letters. 

Choosing the Wrong Attire 

You know you have to dress to impress for a job interview. However, this means something different at every company. If you’re wearing a suit by default to each interview, you might be sending the wrong message.  

As a general rule, it’s best to outfit yourself one step above the standard company dress code. So if people wear casual clothes on a daily basis, you only need to wear business casual attire to the interview. This shows respect, while demonstrating an understanding of the company culture. 


Failing to Include a Cover Letter 

Many companies don’t require cover letters, but allow you to submit one if you desire. The thing is, this often isn’t really an option. Hiring managers frequently use this method to weed out candidates who truly want the job from those just looking to earn a paycheck anywhere. Even if the company doesn’t take this approach, a cover letter is your chance to introduce yourself to the hiring manager and really sell yourself, so don’t pass up this opportunity. 


Not Tailoring Your Resume 

No two job opportunities are the same, which means you shouldn’t submit the same resume for each one either. Tailoring your resume for every job you apply to allows you to really highlight your fit for the position. Sure, it takes longer, but your competition is taking this step, so by failing to do so, you’re putting yourself at a disadvantage. 


Arriving Too Early to the Interview 

Being late to a job interview is a major don’t, but you might not realize the negative impact of arriving too early. Showing up 20 minutes or more before you’re scheduled can annoy the hiring manager, because they likely feel pressured to start your interview early. It can also have a psychological impact on you, because you might inadvertently come face-to-face with your competition. 


Only Searching for Jobs When You Need One 

Like most people, you probably only browse job listings when you’re actively seeking new opportunities. This approach probably helps you find a job, but likely not the right one. The best job for you might not be available during the small window you happen to be looking for it. This is why it’s important to work with a recruiter to always have an eye out for passive opportunities. With this approach, you’re guaranteed not to miss out when your dream job becomes available. 

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