You’ve been working as an administrative assistant for a while now. You feel like you’ve mastered the job, so you’re ready to take the next step — landing an executive administrative assistant role.

While the two jobs are similar in nature, being an executive administrative assistant will require you to be at the top of your game. You certainly have what it takes, so start preparing by making sure you’ve mastered the skills below.

4 Must-Have Qualities in an Executive Administrative Assistant


A huge part of an executive administrative assistant’s job centers on communication — both verbal and written. In this role, you’ll be speaking with colleagues in all departments of the company, as well as clients. This means you’ll need to know how to engage a variety of people and effectively interact with them. The job also involves written correspondence, so you need the ability to effectively write letters, memos, reports, and other correspondence.


No two days are the same for an executive assistant. Whether you’re screening calls, booking travel for your boss — perhaps even accompanying them on a trip — or taking minutes in the boardroom, you need to be willing to do it all. Often times, this will involve switching your schedule around at the last minute, so you can meet your boss’s needs.

Computer Savvy

Many tasks associated with the job involve being on the computer. You’ll likely need proficiency in Microsoft Office for tasks like creating spreadsheets in Excel and writing documents in Word. Beyond that, you also need to the know-how to set up video conference calls and conduct research for projects your boss asks you to complete.


If you’re not hyper-organized, you won’t last a day as an executive assistant. In this position, you’ll serve as the gateway to a vast amount of important information — i.e., from managing your boss’s calendar to ensuring files are placed in the proper folders — and you need to be able to handle that with ease.

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