You’re searching for a new laborer position, and you’re ready to impress. The clothing that you wear speaks volumes to an interviewer, so you’re prepared to dress to impress — but you’re not exactly sure what that means. 

Traditionally, you know a suit is standard job interview attire, but that’s a bit much for this kind of work. You want to wear clothing that shows respect to the hiring manager but also conveys your understanding of the job. 

Thankfully, you probably already have several appropriate options in your closet. Here’s some advice to help you choose attire sure to make you stand out from the other candidates. 

4 Tips to Dress for Success for a Laborer Job Interview 

Keep it Classy Casual 

Wear your best jeans — i.e., no holes or stains — and accessorize them with a belt. Pair them with an upscale casual shirt — i.e., a polo shirt or a plain, fitted t-shirt — for a look that shows you put in the effort to impress the interviewer.  

Choose Well-Fitting Clothing 

Present yourself as polished by trying on your interview attire prior to the big day to make sure it fits properly. Clothing that is too tight or too loose will make you appear unprofessional, so you need items that fit you properly. 

Focus on Grooming 

A great interview outfit can easily be canceled out by poor grooming. The morning of the interview, take the time to shower, put on extra deodorant, brush your hair — do not wear a hat — and shave any facial hair. This is a huge part of having a fresh, presentable appearance. 

Cover Up Tattoos and Body Piercings 

No matter how proud you are of your tattoos and body piercings, there’s a time and place to show them off. A job interview isn’t the appropriate venue, so wear long sleeves to cover up your body art.  

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