Job interviews are a time for you and an employer to get to know one another and decide if you’re a fit for the position at hand. This means you’re going to have to answer some hard questions, including “Tell me about yourself.” 

On the surface, this shouldn’t be too difficult, as no one knows your life story better than you. However, interviewers aren’t looking to hear about your personal life, so you need to know exactly how to tailor your response to meet their needs. Here’s some advice to help you get it right. 

How to Craft a Winning “Tell Me About Yourself” Interview Pitch 

Discuss Your Current Role 

Show your fit for the job by giving an overview of your current position. Briefly explain how long you’ve been there and what you do. Demonstrate your value by sharing a few of your top accomplishments at the job, relevant to the position you’re trying to land. 

If you’re trying to change careers, explain the motivation behind your decision. Prove you’re a viable candidate by emphasizing transferrable skills that make you a competitive candidate.  

Highlight Relevant Past Experience 

Briefly walk the interviewer through your applicable career history, so they can understand more about your background. Share key responsibilities and notable achievements from previous jobs, because this will help them see what you have to offer. Knowing more about what you’ve done for previous employers will allow them to envision the contributions you could make at their organization. 

Share Your Future Goals 

No one wants to hire a candidate who is simply looking to earn a paycheck until something better comes along. Prove you’re truly committed to the position by explaining how it fits into your career goals. Underline specific aspects of the job that most interest you and describe why you’re so excited about them. 

This will show the interviewer your interest in the position is genuine. Make it clear you’d like to grow your career with the company, so they see you as a candidate who is truly in it for the long haul. 

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