You’re an ambitious nurse with lofty career aspirations. It’s no secret that networking can help you open new doors, so you’re ready to start making more connections, but you’re not sure where to look.

Thankfully, there’s no shortage of nursing networking opportunities out there. No matter how much free time you have or the amount of money you’re able to allocate to the cause, there’s plenty of ways to put yourself out there. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Four Places for Nurses to Network

Social Media

Popular social media sites like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram are a great way to connect with both your nursing peers and potential employers. Create one or two strictly professional accounts — put your accounts on lockdown, if they’re not already — post meaningful content, and follow industry influencers. Putting yourself out there will help you get noticed and make meaningful connections.


If you can swing the fee — or get your employer to sponsor you — attending nursing conferences will boost both your resume and contact list. Since these events are filled with nurses and employers, this is an incredible opportunity to immerse yourself in networking. Be sure to bring business cards with your contact information, so it’s easy for your new connections to stay in touch.

Volunteer Opportunities

Giving back feels great, and it can further your career. Volunteering your time to a non-profit organization that needs nurses is a savvy way to make valuable connections. While doing something amazing for your community, you’ll meet new people who might hold the ticket to your next big nursing job.

Professional Organizations

There’s no shortage of nursing professional organizations — i.e., the American Nurses Association, National League for Nursing, National Association of Hispanic Nurses — so find one or two with chapters in your local area and join them. Membership will grant you access to exclusive events — i.e., networking happy hours, seminars, mentoring opportunities — that will help you connect with your peers.

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