By now, you’ve likely heard of SMART — specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, time-bound — goals. You’ve probably used them when completing a project or even managing your day. However, you might not realize you can put them to work in your search for a new accounting job.

SMART goals provide a framework that makes completing lofty objectives more reasonable. Here’s how to set yourself up for success by structuring your job search the SMART way.

Use SMART Goals to Find Your Next Accounting Job


A vague goal — i.e., “I want to find a new accounting job.” — leaves too much room for interpretation. You could say this for years without taking action because it’s so ambiguous. Motivate yourself to take action by setting an exact goal — i.e., “I will start networking this month.”


If goals aren’t measurable, it’s hard to track your progress. Hold yourself accountable for your accounting job search success by quantifying them. For example, you might say you’ll reconnect with one contact per week this month. This makes it easy to stay on the right path because you’re able to measure your progress every week.


Set goals you can complete. If your aspirations are too lofty, you’re essentially setting yourself up for failure from the start. For example, setting a goal to get a new accounting job within the next two weeks is likely unachievable. Instead, you might set a goal of making one new connection per week.


Dreaming big is great, but make sure your goals are realistic. For example, if you’re in an entry-level accounting job, applying for executive-level positions probably won’t get you hired right now. Instead, it’s best to focus on jobs that are appropriate for your current skills and experience. Hard work will get you to the top eventually, but that takes time.


When goals don’t have a date attached to them, there’s no sense of urgency. Without that, it’s easy to get distracted and push them off. Make your accounting job search a priority by including a target completion date with each goal — i.e., “I will finish updating my resume by this Sunday.” This will motivate you to avoid procrastinating and keep moving forward.

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