Vying for a new job requires a significant amount of time and energy. From tailoring your resume for the opportunity to the interview itself, you invested a lot in the process, so finding out you weren’t selected never feels great. 

The thing is, every interview is a learning experience. At the moment, it might not seem like it, but not getting the job can help you get ahead. Viewing it as a chance to learn and grow will allow you to turn the situation into something positive. Here’s how to do it right. 

3 Ways to Leverage Job Rejection 

Request Feedback 

Figure out what went wrong by reaching out to the hiring manager. Politely ask if they’d be willing to talk with you for a few minutes, to explain why you weren’t chosen for the job. There’s a good chance they’ll agree to chat, which can provide telling insights on what you did well and areas for improvement. Getting this information straight from the source is invaluable. 

Make Positive Changes 

If you’re able to obtain feedback from the hiring manager, put it to work. For example, if they say you don’t have enough experience in a certain area, find a way to get it. This might involve asking your boss to take on an assignment that involves the skill in question or starting a side project that will allow you to further develop your abilities. 

Even if the interviewer isn’t willing to share their comments, you can still use the experience to tighten up your strategy. Chances are, you’ve already identified a few mistakes you made, so use this knowledge to improve for next time.  

Don’t Take It Personally 

It’s hard not to let job rejection get you down, but try to remember, only one person was selected. The rest of the candidates — and there were probably a lot — were also turned down. Many different factors go into a hiring decision, so don’t beat yourself up. Clearly, getting this job wasn’t meant to be, so that means your dream job is still out there, waiting for you to find it. 

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