If you’re thinking of becoming a travel nurse, you have a big decision on your hands. You’ll still be performing standard nursing duties, but you’ll moving to a different city and starting over in a new facility every few months.

The idea of switching things up and hitting the road is exciting to many nurses, but it’s not for everyone. Use these travel nursing pros and cons to decide if it’s the right fit for you.

Travel Nursing Pros

See New Places

If you’ve caught the travel bug, this is an incredible opportunity to experience new places on someone else’s dime. This line of work offers the unique ability to live like a local in cities across the country for a few months at a time.

Meet New People

Working as a travel nurse is an incredible way to expand your network in a short period of time. You’ll join a different team every few months, allowing you to make new friends and connections across the country.

You’re Not Stuck in the Same Place

Monotony isn’t an issue for travel nurses, because they don’t stay in the same city long enough to get bored. You’ll be able to immerse yourself in the local culture for a few months, then move on and try something new.

Travel Nursing Cons

Travel Can Be Tiring

Being constantly on the move can take a toll on the body. Starting over every few months requires a lot of energy, which could leave you feeling constantly exhausted.

You Might Work Longer Hours

Travel nurses are hired to fill the gaps at a healthcare facility. It’s very possible you’ll be required to work more hours than you’re accustomed to at your current job. Of course, you’ll get paid, but this could result in a lack of work-life balance.


Working away from home for long periods of time can cause you to feel lonely. You might grow homesick for family and friends, which can lead you to resent the job.

You Can’t Settle Down

If you’re ready to put down roots, travel nursing probably isn’t the best fit. Picking up and moving every few months makes it impossible to have much stability in your life.

Ready to give travel nursing a try? Management Registry Inc. wants to help you find the right fit. Contact us today to embark on this exciting healthcare opportunity!

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