Instead of bringing candidates into the office for first-round interviews, many companies prefer to conduct the initial screening over the phone. This can save time when interviewing a high volume of candidates and cut costs when non-local candidates are included in the mix.

If you’ve been invited to a phone interview, realize this can make or break your chances of proceeding to the next round. Anything but a formality, your recruiter is actively working to reduce the candidate pool, so you have to make an outstanding impression. Learn how to do this without relying on body language — i.e., eye contact, a handshake or nodding intently while the other person speaks.

5 Tips to Boost Your Phone Interviewing Skills

Do Your Homework

Just as with a traditional in-person interview, your recruiter expects you to be prepared. This means conducting background research on the company, learning as much as possible about the job, and preparing responses to common interview questions. Despite the informal nature this is a real job interview, so if you don’t do these things, you’ll stand out from the crowd for the wrong reasons.

Find a Quiet Place to Talk

Technically speaking, you can join a phone interview from anywhere, but that doesn’t mean you should. Your recruiter expects and deserves your full attention, so plan ahead to make sure you have a quiet place to talk where you won’t be interrupted. For example, if you have to keep asking your recruiter to repeat themselves because your kids are screaming in the background, you won’t make a great impression.

Make Sure Your Phone Signal is Strong

When possible, it’s best to participate in a phone interview from a landline. However, there’s a good chance you don’t have convenient access to one. In this case, there’s nothing wrong taking the call on your cell phone, but make sure you’re in a spot with a strong signal. If the call drops, reconnecting will take valuable time away from your interview.

Dress to Impress

Unless you’re on a video call, your recruiter won’t be able to see you, so dressing up might seem pointless, but it isn’t. In this case your clothing choice isn’t about how you look, but how your attire makes you feel. Wearing interview attire boosts your confidence and helps you get into a focused mindset, whereas opting for sweatpants can make you feel a bit too relaxed.

Ask Intelligent Questions

Just as with a standard interview, when your recruiter is finished asking questions they’ll give you the floor. If you don’t have anything intelligent to ask, they might assume you’re not excited about the position or didn’t take the time to prepare. Prepare a couple of questions centered on the company culture or the job itself to show your genuine interest.

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