When you treat a patient, their health and well-being are in your hands. In order to do your job effectively, you need them to trust you, but that’s something you have to earn.

If patients get the impression you don’t know what you’re doing or simply feel uncomfortable with you, they won’t be keen to have you as a healthcare provider. Every patient is different, but the same general strategies can be used to effectively build their trust and keep it.

Be Open and Honest

People have a right to know what’s going on inside their own body, so don’t leave them in dark. When running tests, administering medicine and performing procedures, always clearly explain the purpose. Sometimes telling the truth will be hard, but your honesty will be appreciated.

Treat Them With Kindness

Complex medical terms are second nature to you, but keep in mind that patients don’t have your nursing background. Build trust by adjusting your communication style to meet their needs. Answer their questions in a kind and patient manner that makes them feel comfortable coming to you.

Display Empathy

Establish a strong bond with patients by putting yourself in their shoes. When you treat people with compassion, they feel at ease, which causes them to open up. Whether the person is in your care for a routine procedure or a serious medical concern, they deserve to be treated by a nurse who truly cares about their well-being.

Maintain a Confident and Calm Demeanor

If you want patients to trust you with their life, you must maintain your cool. No one wants to receive care from a healthcare professional who appears frazzled and unsure of themselves. You might not be feeling cool as cucumber on the inside, but always put on a happy face for the sake of your patients.

Keep Your Word

In life and in nursing practice, you can’t expect to earn a person’s trust if you break promises. Don’t give patients your word unless you’re absolutely certain you can adhere to it. Even the best of intentions won’t restore a patient’s confidence if they feel they can’t count on you.

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