The best healthcare jobs attract a lot of attention. Employers receive a high volume of resumes or CVs for these opportunities, so if you want to land an interview, yours needs to shine.

You’re a very talented healthcare professional with a lot to offer, so take the time to craft a resume that highlights your fit for the job. Use these tips to make sure your CV gets the attention it deserves.

Incorporate Keywords and Phrases

Many companies use software to scan resumes for preselected keywords, and those that don’t meet a certain threshold are automatically removed from further consideration. Thankfully, these keywords are listed right in the job description, so look closely. When reading it, make a list of any words or phrases used multiple times in the text. These are your key terms, so find a way to incorporate them into your resume content in a manner that flows naturally.

Tailor to Fit Each Opportunity

Submitting a generic resume for every healthcare job you apply to is an outdated practice. These days, hiring managers expect you to tailor your resume for their specific opening. This requires extra effort, but it’s time well spent, because it encourages you to concentrate exclusively on your skills and experience relevant to the opening.

Focus on Accomplishments

It’s one thing to say you have certain job-related skills, but another to support your claims. Prove you’re not all talk by showcasing your top achievements relevant to the job. Quantify them to add weight, because numbers speak louder than words. Show don’t tell them you are the right person for the position.

Proofread Carefully

Review your resume for spelling and grammatical errors like your job depends on it — because it does. Errors make you appear careless and lazy, so anything less than a flawless resume is unacceptable. When proofreading, always run spellcheck, review it several times yourself, and ask someone you trust to give it a look.

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