Searching for a new job is hard work, but if you want to get hired, you have to put in the time and effort. The best light industrial opportunities attract a great deal of interest, so if you want to make it to the interview stage, you have to stand out from the crowd.

Find out what steps you can take to make yourself shine in a positive light.

Tailor Your Resume

Submitting the same generic resume for every job doesn’t cut it anymore. Tailoring your resume for each opportunity takes a lot more time, but it’s a must if you want to be noticed by recruiters.

Since recruiters are often inundated with resumes, many use software to scan for certain keywords. Chances are, your general resume wouldn’t contain a high enough percentage to make the cut, which will automatically disqualify you from further consideration. Even if keyword volume isn’t an issue, recruiters can tell a customized resume from a one-size-fits-all version, and they won’t be impressed with the latter.

Fill the Entire Application Out

Job applications can be pretty time-intensive. If you’re going to apply for a job, do it right, and complete the entire application. Anything less will make you appear lazy, and recruiters aren’t keen on candidates who lack enthusiasm.

Prepare a List of References

There’s no need to include — or even mention references on your resume — but if you advance to the interview stage, expect to be asked to provide a list. Going into a job search, know you’ll need to deliver a few references at some point in the process, so prepare ahead of time.

Assemble a list of professional references you have a good relationship with and ask them in advance if they would be willing to speak on your behalf. When the time comes to hand the list over to a recruiter, all you’ll have to do is reach out to your references to give them a heads up.

Be Easy to Contact

You’re a busy person, but your job search has to be a top priority. If a recruiter calls or emails you, return the message as quickly as possible — and always the same day. Being hard to get in touch with can cost you a job, because it wastes the recruiter’s time and sends the message you’re not that interested in the job. There are plenty of other qualified candidates vying for the job, and they will make themselves readily available to the recruiter.

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