It takes a very special person to be a great nurse. A career dedicated to helping others, nurses are kind and caring professionals who enjoy helping sick and injured patients. Having a calm demeanor and a heart of gold are a must for this job, but thankfully there’s plenty of professionals who fit the bill.

If you’re currently a nurse or thinking of becoming one, first and foremost, thank you. Medical facilities across the country — and the world — rely on people like you every day to provide outstanding patient care.

As someone committed to the job, you want to be the best nurse you can possibly be, so learn the three key drivers for success in this field.


No two days are the same for a nurse. When you start your shift, you never quite know what you’re walking into, so you have to be able to go with the flow. Patient needs always come first, which means your day might turn out entirely different than what you planned. You must be able to adapt to constantly changing situations — and fast — because it could be a matter of life and death.


Since patients are always the top priority, every member of a healthcare team needs to be ready and willing to pitch in when and where they’re needed. As a nurse, this means you might have to assist a department that’s short-staffed or take on a few extra tasks for a colleague who’s swamped.

You might also need to take on extra shifts during busy periods or work overtime if your employer needs extra hands on deck. In some professions, it’s okay to let a little work pile up during periods of high demand, but that can’t happen when your work is patient care.


The best nurses are those with a true passion for the work. If you don’t have a strong passion for the work, this demanding career can take a toll on you, and that will be reflected in the quality of care you provide. Patients and their families can tell the difference between a professional who was born to be a nurse, and someone who considers it just a job.

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