When you first entered the workforce, you were just happy to get a job in your field. You weren’t too selective with the positions you accepted, because you just wanted to bulk up your resume — and of course earn a paycheck. Now that you’ve reached the midpoint of your career, it’s time to start putting more thought into your future.

Before you start looking for opportunities, consider partnering with a recruiter, because there’s no need to create a job search strategy on your own if you don’t have to. Take a look at a few of the benefits you’ll enjoy by allowing a recruiter to be part of your search.

Create a Structured Career Plan

Moving aimlessly from job to job keeps the bills paid, but accomplishes little else. Your recruiter will help you identify the type of work that perfectly aligns with your skills and interests, so you can start doing something you’re passionate about. Just tell them what your dream job is, and they’ll help you create a plan to get there.

Become a Stronger Candidate

You deserve the very best job in your field, but competition can be tough for these opportunities. Having a recruiter on your side can be incredibly valuable because they’ll shape you into an even better candidate than you already are. Before launching your search, they’ll help polish your resume, and when you start landing interviews, they’ll work with you to prepare for them.

Gain Access to Exclusive Opportunities

Many leading companies keep their job openings under lock and key by hiring exclusively through their staffing partner. If you opt to navigate your job search on a solo basis, you’ll never know these opportunities were available in the first place. Choosing to have a relationship with a recruiter can open doors you never thought possible.

Get Interview Feedback

In most cases, when you go on a job interview, you find out you either got the job or you didn’t — nothing else. This isn’t the case when you work with a recruiter, because they have relationships with hiring managers. After your interview, they’re typically able to gain feedback about your performance, so you know what you did well and what you can improve for next time. You probably won’t get every job you interview for, but you’ll have the opportunity to learn from each experience.

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