As with any trend, job search strategies come and go, so it’s important to follow current best practices. In the past, it was perfectly fine to submit the same resume for every opportunity, pick up the phone to follow-up on your application and send your resume snail mail, but these tactics are no longer relevant.

If you want to get ahead, ignore outdated advice and focus only on job search tips applicable to modern day hiring. Get the job you want by working this advice into your approach.

Create a Dedicated Search Strategy

Amazing job opportunities don’t just fall from the sky, so you have to create a robust search strategy. Start by deciding exactly what type of opportunity you’re looking for and defining your ideal company culture. From there, begin looking for openings that meet your criteria. Inform your contacts that you’re looking for work, join at least one professional association and consider going on informational interviews to expand your network.

As your search progresses, you’ll likely need to make periodic adjustments to your strategy, so be ready to update as-needed.

Set Time Aside for Your Search

Looking for a job is an incredibly time-intensive process, so you have to give it the attention it deserves. Schedule uninterrupted time several days per week to focus on finding jobs, tailoring your resume for each opportunity and networking. You get from a job search what you put into it, so dedicate the time necessary to find the type of position you deserve. As a young professional, every career move you make impacts your future, so take it seriously.

Partner With a Recruiter

You can navigate your job search alone, but there’s no need to do that. Team up with a staffing professional to gain valuable career advice and access to exclusive opportunities. Your recruiter will help polish your resume, work with you to prepare for interviews and provide key post-interview feedback to help you learn and grow. Some companies only hire through recruiters, so this is often the only way to even find out about an opening.

Whether you are interviewing for government jobs, travel healthcare jobs, IT jobs or logistics jobs, adhering to job search best practices will increase your marketability. The experts at Management Registry Inc. have helped hundreds of candidates like you find their dream jobs. Team up with us today to gain access to our network of employers and wealth of career expertise.

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