Working in a general labor role for a local government entity can be a really great gig, but you already know that. Competition for these jobs can be pretty intense, but Management Registry, Inc. has you covered. Regardless of where you’re at in your career, we can help connect you with career-building general labor, light industrial and manual labor opportunities.

Our recruiters have the expertise and connections needed to help get your foot in the door with local government agencies throughout the U.S. Some of the general labor areas we staff include:

  • Light industrial
  • Maintenance
  • Parking
  • Warehouse
  • Distribution center staffing support

Access Exclusive Opportunities

You’ve probably wondered how people get hired for certain general labor positions, because you never see some jobs posted online. The reason for this is many employers hire exclusively through staffing agencies like Management Registry, Inc. Partnering with us grants you access to positions you won’t find in an online search.

Get Interview Feedback

Even the most confident manual labor candidates can find job interviews nerve-wracking. What’s even worse, most employers don’t give those not offered the job a solid reason for passing them up. However, when you work with us, this won’t happen. Our recruiters get interview feedback from hiring managers and pass it on to you. If you don’t get the job, you can use this information to learn and grow, so you don’t make the same mistakes twice.

Build a Fulfilling Career

At Management Registry, Inc., we know you’re looking for more than just a manual labor job — you want a local government career. Share your skills, interests and goals for the future with your recruiter, and they’ll help you find the right opportunity. Since general labor is one of our firm’s specialties, our team knows what it takes to enjoy a rewarding career in the field.

To find general labor jobs with a local government agency, team up with Management Registry, Inc. Whether you’re searching for an entry-level or senior management position, we have the contacts needed to help you find the right fit. Contact Management Registry, Inc. today take the next step in your career.

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