While there are general job search best practices that can apply to all job seekers, the healthcare and travel healthcare industry has its own aspects that come into play. For nurse candidates looking for their next opportunity, this comes with three unique focal points. If you follow these job search tips for nurses, you will improve your candidacy and find the job search much more productive.

Join an Association

A state nurses’ association and the American Nurses Association are two of the most valuable resources for new nurses. Not only does an association membership add to your resume, the information and inspiration that can be gained from fellow members within the association can be invaluable.

From a professional connection to tips for job seekers, your fellow nurses are going to be your best source for improving your resume, interview skills and overall hireability.

Education is Key

From industry best practices to getting your associate, bachelor’s or master’s, you can never be too educated when applying for nurse jobs. When you have little experience, you can rely on your education to help you stand out.

Expert tip: Any special certifications will also go a long way towards furthering your candidacy. Look for specialties such as Geriatrics, Forensics, Pediatrics and Psychiatrics to set yourself apart from the competition.

Show Your Passion for Nursing

Healthcare jobs and travel healthcare jobs require a level of dedication and passion that is unmatched in most other fields of work. Tell your personal story that has driven you to pursue nursing as a career or the on-the-job story that you are most proud of.

Partner with an Agency

Another way to set yourself apart from the crowd is to work with an agency such as Management Registry, Inc. We have served thousands of healthcare job seekers and know exactly what medical employers look for in nursing candidates. Contact Management Registry, Inc. today to find your next great nursing assignment.

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