The one mistake that could cost you the job could be something as simple as a typo in your resume, or a major interview mistake. When recruiters have a pool of candidates to select from, it can feel like it takes the perfect resume and interview to land government jobs or healthcare jobs. The truth is, the perfect candidate doesn’t exist and recruiters know this. The real key is avoiding the minefield of common mistakes candidates make that recruiters use to help make their decision easier. Don’t let these job seeker faux pas take away your chance at finding the perfect finance jobs in your area.

Having an unprofessional online presence

The internet is not only becoming a greater resource to attain IT jobs, or any other position, it is also growing in popularity as a resource for recruiters. Reading a candidate’s bios and posts on their social media profiles is a great way for hiring managers to glean extra information that doesn’t fit into a resume or interview. Make sure there are no pictures or posts that may rub potential employers the wrong way.

Being disingenuous

Whether you are trying to relate to your interviewer by claiming to have similarities you don’t or you convey you have a skill or certification you don’t, when you aren’t transparent, you strip yourself of the most important trait employers look for – consistency. They don’t want to take a risk on a questionable candidate when they could have a sure thing.

Creating a resume that is unorganized or too long

Packing your resume with every skill you have or charitable act you’ve done may seem informative, but the reality is recruiters are too busy to look over a resume longer than two pages (one page is preferable). Your resume should reflect the ideal candidate the job posting describes and nothing more. By keeping your resume direct, you give yourself the best chance of having it read and understood.

Overlooking the little things

Don’t take a position for granted. Not taking the extra steps because you feel your experience “speaks for itself” is a surefire way to get a job stolen by a younger more passionate candidate. Go the extra mile regardless of the position and guarantee you stand out as the best of the logistics professionals that applied for your ideal job.

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