LinkedIn continues to dominate the market of professional networks. With over 450 million users, LinkedIn is one of the first places recruiters will go to fill healthcare jobs, travel healthcare openings, HR positions, finance jobs or any other role that their company needs. This makes LinkedIn one of the most valuable tools for job seekers.

However, as LinkedIn continues to grow and attract professionals from every industry, the competition gets fiercer. Standing out among a sea of similar profiles gets more difficult every day. There are still a few tricks you can try to differentiate yourself from the competition and find a job on LinkedIn.

Take an Action Photo

Having a profile photo is a must as most recruiters admit they don’t even look at profiles without a photo. This is because they want to connect with you as much as possible. As technology continues to automate our processes and interactions, creating a real human connection is important. This is why a professional portrait has become the new standard for job seekers on LinkedIn.

The goal in any job application process is not to be standard. In order to get a leg up on the other candidates, consider having an in action shot of you doing what you do best. It’s a clear way for recruiters to see who you are and what you do, and it’s likely a photo the next candidate that recruiter reviews won’t have.

Become a Group Influencer

Joining industry- and position-relevant LinkedIn groups is a must. It not only helps you stay on top of your industry, it creates an instant network of relevant connections. A major way to utilize these groups to impress the next hiring manager is to become a leader or owner of one of these groups. It not only proves you know your stuff, it shows both initiative and leadership that are hard to identify in candidates through even the most intensive application processes.

Make It Personal

You are a unique individual, and who you are as an individual matters for how you will fit within a company’s culture. Any company worth its salt will understand the value of fitting employees into its company culture based on their personality. Let your personality shine in your profile through a witty headline, intriguing photo or endearing summary.

Always Have a Current Role

This may seem obvious, but for those who are unemployed, you could be missing out on a number of opportunities. Many recruiters search for new hires on LinkedIn under the filter of their current position. This unfortunately leaves out an extremely important group of job seekers; those who are unemployed. If you are currently unemployed and looking for a job on LinkedIn, a good trick to stay competitive is to list your current position as “actively seeking” or “making a career change” to ensure you aren’t left out of any candidate searches.

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